Video and Audio Podcasting For Life is a website about my experiences as a part-time blogger, audio podcaster and video show podcaster. I’m a regular guy that found an interest in “new media” and have tried taking advantage of all the outlets available to me.

My experiences started by writing editorials for websites like 2old2play.com on gaming. Since than my content has been featured on digg.com, slashdot.org and other sites around the Internet. Then, I moved into doing a little podcasting because I love to talk, discuss and debate topics and I’ve got a real passion for it. So, if the passion is there than the only thing to stop success was giving up.

It started with a gaming podcast, than a few friends and I got together and recorded a drinking podcast which symbolizes a few friends hanging around talking about what we’re drinking. Getting the podcasts noticed was a bit of a struggle but things are looking up since they started. Our first effort to break into video podcasting came with Common Man Cocktails a simple show about making cocktails using new, old and invented cocktail recipes.

Thus far, the video podcasting genre has shown the most potential with thousands of downloads a week for the video show alone and growing in a very short peroid of time. Only place to go is up! The show has been featured in iTunes as a Featured Food podcast (because they don’t have a drink category).

As a real job I’ve spent years writing C++, PHP development and years upon years of Perl for corporate automation projects. Although I do a bit of contract work on the side for Drupal development, I’m having way more fun doing audio and video podcasting along with some blogging and writing. It’s still a secondary project because, honestly, it just doesn’t pay the bills right now. So, I continue my career as a Corporate Sales Engineer helping the pre-sales effort selling storage solutions for a large company, who recently purchased my current employer.

So, I hustle. I work hard after work to build my brands and find new ways to promote and build relationships with people across the world. My blog, here, is a collection of my thoughts, inspiration and experiences while building my sites, my shows and all the hard work that goes in it.

Hopefully, someone can take away something from the experiences to shorten their own rise to fame!

You can follow me on twitter at twitter.com/everydaydrinker

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