Unedited Video Shows Honesty

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Unedited Video Shows Honesty

For those aspiring video podcasters out there, heed the power of the flip HD. I recently bought the tiny micro Flip HD and found it to be extremely cool for video podcasting side projects. While our video shows are done in high quality, with proper lighting and audio levels, there is some power in the portable cameras.

First, they are cheap and offer you a chance to speak to your audience at a different level. Not everyone will be a fan or care about such a video format but those that really enjoy your content will feel a sense of honesty and trust in the smaller vignettes. You offer them a bit more of a personal “in your face” approach to expressing yourself and allow the video’s to be smaller yet offer more “meat” in the content.

As our shows have grown in audience, I’ve noticed a lot more hardcore dedication to the content. Many people watch our cocktail recipe video’s with absolutely no intention of making the cocktail itself, but they enjoy the presentation and off-the-cuff goofiness that can occur. Those same people love the more personalized approach to commentary, perhaps its an unboxing of a new spirit, a mini-review of something you love or hate… all that matters is you become yourself, sitting on your porch or perhaps on the couch near the TV living your normal life.

People seem to have grown fascinated by this and I believe it is because so few TV personalities have done this (if any). Imagine your favorite news anchor sitting at home talking on their flip cam about some news story that really effected them, or your favorite Chef at home cooking up a meal for their family. It’s not staged, it’s not script, it’s just you being personal with those that are interested in what you do and the topics you discuss.

While these video’s may not be the way you begin a new series of internet video, they can be a great way to keep your fans informed and consuming your content on the sidelines. Never under estimate the power of non-professional video.

Here are some of my examples:



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