Time Says 00’s Worst Decade Ever? Screw Them.

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Time Says 00’s Worst Decade Ever? Screw Them.

y2kTime magazine is calling this the decade from hell, seriously? I guess it depends on your perspective. They source a few good arguments in the “why” behind their decision: 9/11 to start the decade and economic crises to end it. What ever happened to learning from experiences and failures, have we learned nothing?

9/11 was a sad state of affairs, definitely something we’ll never forget around the world, especially here in the United States. Let it not go down as the start of the worst decade ever, let it go down as an eye opening “we are not the most powerful thing on earth” epiphany. There are many lessons to be learned in the 9/11 attack and it should go down as one of the biggest lessons and teachings in the history of the United States since the Civil War. Turn the bad into the good and walk away smarter, more aware and more responsive.

The economic issue is bad, lots of people are out of work and lots of great businesses have gone away. Is this the worst thing ever? No, every country (including our own) goes through economic turmoil and this downfall brings some of the best business births in history. Name a huge company full of success and you’ll probably see that it was born out of economic crisis and turmoil. Microsoft is a great example as is Amazon and so many others. Just like a wildfire, sometimes great things grow from the burned charred remains of what was left to die.

The economy is great for new start ups to grow and find awesome talent in industries with many intelligent folks out of a job. Smart people will always be needed and many will plant seeds of new industrial growth in the years to come. What will be the next big business boom to come out of this economic crisis? Perhaps those little “twitter” guys? Facebook? NewEgg? Battery powered cars? Fuel cells? Cure for cancer? So many small companies growing in the economic downturn, I can’t wait to see what phoenix rises from the ashes.

For myself, this is the perfect time to start a little video network business. I’ve got plenty of time to grow my audience while the rest of the world goes “oh my gosh, what are we going to do!?” While those big businesses struggle to keep their investors happy, I’ll be growing my smaller business so that when money floods back into the economy, I’ll have companies with “new money” asking to advertise on the shows.

To Time Magazine, I say turn that frown upside down. Make lemonade out of those lemons, things can be a lot worse and I think we’ve done very good in terms of suffering through some of the issues we face. A country that goes through such struggles grows stronger and more wiser in the end. Many countries could have crumbled under the stress, governments could have been overthrown during the chaos, but we stood strong and our people continue to spark life into the economy with good ideas, creative innovations and a can-do attitude.

Keep your can-do attitude and pay less attention to the dramatic news headlines.

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