Be Outstanding: Build A Podcast

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Be Outstanding: Build A Podcast

individualAudio can be a very powerful tool. With a climbing unemployment rate, everyone is looking for a way to stand out of the crowd and show potential employers that they’re the ones that are best suited for the job. Believe it or not, there are many people suited for your job; it is a competition to find the right person with the right attitude and talent. How do you gain the edge on the sea of humanity that is the unemployed?

This can be a huge hurtle for college kids that are looking to jump into an industry. Podcasting is a great springboard to build a resume and show a future employer that you don’t just wait at home for the call backs, but work the industry to better yourself and others. Although podcasting is relatively inexpensive and almost anyone can sit down and figure it out, very few will attempt to do it and that can make you different. Those that have found themselves recently unemployed can share their experiences and lessons in their career with those around them.

Does giving information away for free allow others to absorb the information and take away potential jobs from you? Potentially, but when they go up against you in an interview who is better suited? The one that learned it from a podcaster or the host of the show? Think about it. You’re helping them, but you were the one that went out of your way to build a show from scratch to present to the masses.

There are thousands upon thousands of podcasts on the Internet, many which are bad and a few that excel at what they attempt to deliver. You don’t have to be a rockstar, web celebrity or genius to find yourself a niche in a market. The goal isn’t to build the next podcasting empire, it’s to show employers and yourself that you won’t take being jobless sitting down. What sounds better to an employer, the individual that has been job hunting for months and just can’t find anything or an individual who hunts for jobs while creating their own “radio show” about the industry.

Your podcast might be on recent news and events in the industry or perhaps an education show where you spread your current knowledge to others. You don’t have to have a PhD or a masters of business to define a space for yourself; podcasters are individuals that have found a passion for a topic and want to bring that passion to others.

Think of podcasting as a gateway to a career in the field you’ve worked or wish to work. You can use it as a bridge to gap the sea of humanity and sameness to one of individual drive and motivation. Employers want career driven people that show strength and desire to learn new topics and to share their knowledge with a strong team of people. Podcasters grow to have key qualities needed for such a job: public speaking, presentation skills, motivation, planning, up-to-date knowledge and the ability to complete a project without micromanagement.

A podcaster plans shows in advance, releases on scheduled intervals and provides content that is needed or desired by others while constantly watching trends, fielding questions and learning along the way. That sounds like the template to a quality employee, doesn’t it?

You don’t need a large budget to start your first podcast, especially if you’re doing it alone or with a few local folks. Getting yourself a microphone and, optionally a mixer, is a great way to start to build a high quality audio show. With a budget of under $200 and a mildly powerful PC/Mac you can setup a show. You may opt to find a free service to host the audio content or host it on a small pay service like Libsyn.

The world needs more podcasters to talk about political science, software development, web design, art, photography, childrens programming and so many other great fields of study. A school teacher looking to find a job can start up a show to entertain younger children or teach them topics to advance their learning in school. The options for podcast topics are endless.

So, what are you doing in your free time? Perhaps you should focus a bit more on being outstanding.

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