Be Talked About, Be Seen

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Be Talked About, Be Seen

contact-emailIt’s difficult to rise to the top of the charts, your audio/video show might be A+ class in content and quality but you’ve got to fight to be seen. As cheap video camera’s hit the market everyone wants to be a superstar and get their 15-minutes of fame. While these crazy folks are trying to do something stupid like light shoot fireoworks at their friends, you’re trying to make a name for yourself.

Don’t be surprised when Joe Average gets a million hits for taking a rocket in the pants while you struggle for 40 views. Keep your head up and produce quality content because Joe Average will eventually die out as an internet meem or viral video. While making a viral video is unpredictable and will receive millions of views, it’s rarely going to be a career or hobby; luck isn’t going to win out in the end.

You want to be talked about and be seen by people in your “circle” of interest. In many cases, it’s not about making your viewers happy but making the people in your industry see you standing out and making a name for yourself. If you’re going to make a video show about dirt bikes than make sure dirt bike manufacturers see the show. If you’re creating a political podcast, get some politicians involved.

While it’s important to cater to your viewers it’s also dire to show your production to those that work in the field. This will build you more “street cred” with the industry and allow your contacts to grow. Perhaps, six months ago you’d like to do a special episode dealing with a specific brand; it would be great to have a list of people you can call to get more information or samples of the brand to create the content for your show.

Many industries have “circles” of folks that talk to each other. It’s a small world and the Internet keeps people together, you’ll want to take advantage of it. Making friends with manufactureres, press folks, industry leaders and industry startups gives you an edge because they talk to each other, don’t you want them talking about you?

Industry folks talk to each other because, in many cases, they’ve once worked together. In todays market people don’t commit to the same job for fourty years, they move on to new opportunites across their industry. Often times they’ll find old friends are now new competitors but, on a personal level, they’re still friends and will keep in contact. You’ll want some of their “small talk” to be about you and your content and it’s possible to make this occur.

One great way is to “name drop” on ocassion with those you’ve met in the industry. “Hey, do you know Bob from Company-A, really nice guy you should meet him sometime.” Turns out they worked with Bob at Company-Z five years ago and haven’t kept in touch, perhaps you can link them back together and pass over an e-mail address or phone number? What better way to be seen than bring two old buddies back together.

I keep everybody’s contact information, in the cocktail industry, in an big excel spreadsheet. I keep notes about them (are they married, do they know others in the industry, what’s their dogs name?) so that I can use this information in the future with a “hows Chubby your little pug doing?” I make sure to write down their title, phone number, address and what brands they represent so I have a go-to spot when I need information or product samplings.

My list of contacts grows large and I can trade them with other folks that do the same thing to build a larger list of contacts. I try to fire off an email every few months to each of them to say hi and pass off any of my latests works. I’ll also use people’s products within my shows and then send them a note saying “we used your product here” and link them off to our websites so they can see it. This is a great way to re-established stale relationships and get them talking about you again.

Viewers and community are extremely important, but being talked about by others in the industry and being seen as someone of usefulness and value is also an important key to growing a successful audio or video show.

Just something to think about.

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