Nice Guys Finish Last, But With Respect

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Nice Guys Finish Last, But With Respect

successEvery now and again I learn something. That’s actually a bit of a lie, I learn stuff all the time. One thing I’ve learned is the truth to the saying that “nice guys finish last.” It sounds bad, but in the world of Internet broadcasting, video shows and niche markets being last doesn’t mean being worst. It just means you’ll get there eventually but behind other aggressive people that kiss everyone’s ass to climb the latter of success.

When it comes to building your “celebrity” presence on the Internet, you can go about it two ways: hard work and struggle or kissing up to other internet celebrities. Getting into the web celeb circle can be a real bitch if you’re not one of “the boys” and they’re really not looking to sign anyone up as friends “just because.” However, if you continue to tell every web celeb you see just how awesome they are, they may eventually notice you.

I don’t mind kissing a little ass to get around but I also have my own personal ideas of respect. Hard work pays off and building a list of friends that actually like you on a genuine level appeals to my personality. Building real relationships creates a stronger bond with people that will be there for you while kissing people’s asses only gets you as far as they want you to go. If I meet a few Internet celebrities along the way I can tell them of my hard work and struggle with truthfulness and everyone can respect it.

Hopefully, whatever decision you make when you climb the latter of recognition and success you can go to bed satisfied with the work you did to get there. Struggle, hardwork and a final win is how I want to be remembered, you?

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