Video Podcasting: Not Everyone Can Be Hulk Hogan

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Video Podcasting: Not Everyone Can Be Hulk Hogan

hulk-hoganSo you want to create your own video podcast, eh? But, you’re afraid you missed the opportunity, there are so many great video podcasts on the Internet that rank huge in iTunes, that have had viral results on youtube and are featured in directories across the world. Who are you?

Let’s flash back in history a few years, to 1980 when we saw Hulk Hogan appear on the TV in the WWF (now WWE). He was a nobody in the world of wrestling but he became one of the biggest brands in the business, his name alone sold out stadiums from the United States to Japan.

How did it happen?

Hulk Hogan started like everyone else, at the bottom of the hill and had to climb his way to the top. He was not the first in the industry, he wasn’t the last in the industry and he definitely wasn’t the best wrestler in the industry. Hogan’s ring “content” left something to be desired but people loved him because of his personality, charisma and electricity while in the spotlight.

You can learn a lot by going back to the tapes and watching his rise to fame. Watch his in-ring battles and you’ll see there is very little to his technique but he plays it with passion and full energy. A great video podcaster is not too unlike Hulk Hogan, bringing the energy and the charisma to make what should be a common everyday experience an entertaining adventure.

As Hogans career launched forward, the WWE put all their money behind him, marketed toys and accessories and built the brand that we know as Hulk Hogan. In many ways, they used him to make money and he used them to launch his career onward, even showing himself in TV shows, interviews and movies.

Not everyone can be Hulk Hogan, many folks who began video podcasting years ago have built a crowd over time but they’re no Hulk Hogan. A few of them are starting to rest on their laurals and produce shoddy shows or only posting one quality show a month or quarter. When the industry was tiny it’s not hard to become known because the competition was so low. Sure, they’re entertaining to watch every now and again but you know you can do better. That’s the right attitude, if you know you can outshine some of the slower paced shows that have audiences waning because nothing else was around… it’s time to get into the game.

Today, the competition in video podcasting is heating up, 2009 is supposed to be the year video podcasts really take off. This is the time to show off your charisma and technique, to entertain and delight your audience and keep them coming back for more episodes.

You’re not going to be the first video podcaster, you won’t be the last video podcaster either. But, you can be the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be. You can choose to toss something out there and see if anyone likes it or you can play the game with passion and charisma.

Do you have what it takes to be the next Hulk Hogan?

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