Women Need More Podcasts!

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Women Need More Podcasts!

women-podcastingIt’s fairly well known that most podcasts, today, are catering to the 18-34 demographic with way too many focusing on men and what men want. From video games to beer games, hobbies and wines, many of the most dominant podcasts are catering to guys and are hosted by guys. Less than 20% of internet users know or utilize podcasts… but that’s growing. Where are the women?

Women and podcasting are on the rise, but it seems to be slow compared to what you’ll find out there in the most popular podcasts. Of course, I’m discounting Oprah and all the TV shows being listed as top podcasts in iTunes, their audience is being siphoned from major networks and, let’s face it, half those podcasters probably don’t even know what a podcast is! Putting clips of your show on the internet and calling it a podcast isn’t exactly what I’m looking for in a podcast — neither are you no doubt.

Those podcasts getting a lot of advertising, that aren’t major networks, are most typically Tech Podcasts and Video Casts along with a bit of Gaming. You’ll also find some politics and international news along with a growing sector in language learning. Language Learning podcasts have my respect, when I first got into podcasting four years ago I only found two language learning podcasts; I settled on listening to podcasts in German to help learn the language via immersion. Today, there are dozens of great quality language podcasts, many are still men.

What we need, in the podcast industry, is a Diggnation style podcast of women.  Most of the shows still seem to be dominated by men but that should change in the future. If two guys sitting on a coach can draw a huge crowd, imagine what a great womens show would do for the women in the industry.

I believe this will all change when we realize a video podcast doesn’t have to have a women just as eye candy or voice candy in the audio medium. There are plenty of women with great ideas, huge motivation and deep passion for technologies, designs, arts, sciences, language and news broadcasting.

What about podcasts about knitting, sewing, cooking and all the other hobbies that are stereotypically women? There is huge opportunity in this area because the competition is so low, you don’t have to be a super star like Oprah or Ellen to be seen. Why struggle to be a Tech podcast when you can be top dog in something more niche? While your audience in a sewing podcast will be marginal compared to a technology related podcast, you’re the only show in town.

When it comes to advertising, you can battle for 1% of the advertising pie with a tech/gaming show or fight to own 30%+ in a less competitive podcast market. You may be able to pull in 1% of 500,000 people in a tech podcast, but 1% of that number is really small when you can pull 30% of a 250,000 pie if you change your topic.

How do we know exactly how many listeners are looking for a show about sewing or knitting? It doesn’t really matter. Starting an audio podcast and recording 20 episodes over six months will cost you very little in terms of testing the market. We’re not talking about the next hit NBC show with Neilson ratings and pressure, we’re just looking to see if there is interest in a show. If there isn’t, try something different, the loss is only your time and effort, but you’ll gain a ton of experience in podcasting messing around so it’s not a total loss. When you find the niche that has the audience you’ll be the next top show on iTunes.

Don’t discount women as listeners either. There are plenty of women looking for help with their hobbies as well, many stay-at-home moms can find 20-minutes of their day to watch a video show or an hour to listen to an audio show. Advertisers will agree as they’re stuck trying to fit all their advertising into the 18-34 male demographic. What about those trying to market to women? Where is their outlet for ads?

Provide the advertisers the outlet they need and are striving to find. You need proof? Go to Google and type: “scrapbooking” and do a search. See the sponsored ads on the sidebar? Click the “more sponsored links” button at the bottom of the ads and you’ll see 47 pages of advertisers bidding for your click. Do you think anyone is going to click on an advertising on page 47?

Now, let’s say you build a little scrapbooking podcast and have a few hundred downloads per episodes, or less. You’ll probably find those advertisers bidding on the 47th page of google adwords would love a nice low-cost advertisement in your show, or product placement, for less than Google charges. They’re bidding to gain some type of position on the first page of google’s sponsored links but they could be paying half the cost to have the focused attention of your listeners. Sounds appealing, no?

Go to iTunes and do a search for “scrapbooking” and click “see all” for the podcasts. There is one page and six entries for the entire subject. Search for “gaming” and look at all the podcasts and you’ll probably get bored after flipping past page sixteen. Do you want to compete against a page of podcasters or sixteen pages or more of gaming fanatics? But wait, there is more!

You’ll also notice plenty of the scrapbooking podcasts are defunct, having stopped posting episodes in May of 2008 or even 2007. The same can be said for many of the gaming podcasts, but they’re still in the directories and getting in the way of your performance and rise to the top. You’ll beat them, eventually, but it will be measured in years (trust me). A quality scrapbooking podcast with minimal advertising would probably be in the top ten in a matter of weeks.

What’s my point? Pretty simple.

  • Women can host their own shows, they don’t have to do be the “eye candy,” they can think on their own.
  • Woman’s interests are not competitive, yet, so now is the time to jump in and establish yourself as the primary source for material. If you’re number one now, you won’t have to fight for it later.
  • Advertisers need a way to get at the female demographic, why don’t you provide them a street to peddle their wares?

I might be a guy, but I’m not an idiot. A female has a huge benefit over me in the realm of podcasting, they sound sexier than I do (naturally getting more attention) and they’ve got interests that are in demand with very few people providing a solution.

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