Being Afraid of Failure is Being Afraid To Learn

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Being Afraid of Failure is Being Afraid To Learn

questionThere are a lot of people on the internet thinking about their own video and audio podcasts. Hell, there are a TON of people that are thinking about starting their own projects from websites to full blown businesses. Of course, economic times have everyone worried for any job at all, let alone starting their own. There are so many great ideas for video shows but so few people willing to take a bit of risk.

There are opportunities on the Internet which would utilize our own creative thinking. Everyone can build their own niche of the web to call their own. Then, after you think about it, you need to do it. I’ve met many individuals that want to do great things but so few are ready to put in the commitment. Worse, I think, deep down inside, they’re afraid to fail.

When you want to put yourself on the Internet you’re putting yourself in a situation to be laughed at, flamed and be tormented by unfortunate souls that don’t have any “do” power of their own. You could indeed fail, there are a lot of ideas that won’t work out for you. I’ve failed with many ideas that I thought were great but because I didn’t put in the proper research to validate my idea is as good as I thought it was. I learned.

Being afraid to fail is being afraid to learn.

Each project I start that doesn’t make it to a successful conclusion gives me more insight on the workings of a success. Not every internet superstar, CEO or industry mover and shaker had their first success with their initial try. The key is to try.

This means dedicating time to focusing on what motivates you — what you would love to do as a “real job.” For me, it’s podcasting and video shows. Not everyone has the courage to sit in front of a camera lens and be a dork for five to ten minutes. But, everyone has their own motivations and it requires you to put down the video games, drama series and focus on what you’d really love to do with your life.

If it turns out you can’t find a way to make money with your efforts now, turn it into a hobby and see where it takes you, you’ll never know if you don’t try. Develop a thick skin to those that want to criticize you and tell you why you’ll fail. Those same people that want you to fail are the same that have been failures their entire life and simply do not want to be alone wallowing in their own self doubt.

Be afraid. Then do it anyway.

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