Using TubeMogul To Promote Your Video Podcasts

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Using TubeMogul To Promote Your Video Podcasts

So you fancy yourself a video podcaster and you want to do it on the cheap. There are many tools and resources out there you should be taking advantage of. Buying a quality camcorder and a lighting setup is a fixed cost that you can pay once and produce many videos, but content distribution is a pain in the ass.

Enter,, a website that houses your videos and launches them across many video podcast sites. This will become the savior of may video podcasters who are trying to promote their videos with time saving techniques. First, tubemogul allows you to store your credentials for tons of video sharing sites like,,, howcast, youtube, sclipo, 5min, break, and so many other sites that have large user bases. If you’re not sure which sites are hot and popular here is your chance to go sign up and register to the sites tubemogul will publish to!

Once you’ve signed up for all of them, yes this is a bit of a hassle, you can use them as launching platforms for all your videos. It takes awhile to register at all the ones that are great targets for your videos but this is a one time experience, once you’ve registered (and validated) your accounts you’ll be able to post to many sites with the click of a single button.

Get Popular

You won’t be famous overnight, but you will not get anywhere if you don’t start publishing your video podcast content now. You’ll probably find a few of these sites don’t bring in as many hits as you’d like to become popular but posting your content to them is free and it requires very little of your time with tubemogul so what’s the harm in posting to them?


Once you’ve registered on all the video sharing websites you can upload your videos to tubemogul one at a time and begin your launching and promotion. Many sharing sites have revenue models where you can make money if you have a paypal account. If you don’t have an account with paypal you can get one so that you can make potential money on the ads they provide. You may not make money, but who cares, it costs you nothing.

The beauty of video podcasting is the lack of quality content. Although there are many folks making videos only a select few are doing their video content with quality and consistency. It will be much easier to become popular if you start video casting today rather than waiting until everyone is doing it.

If you’re an average guy trying to get ahead in the video casting you’ll have to understand and accept the fact that attractive female video podcasters are going to have an advantage from the very beginning. Don’t get upset because a no-talent hot female is beating you in views, remember why you’re doing it and why your content is better. Just head to tubemogul, publish your videos to as many sites as you can and be consistent and passionate about what you’re doing.

As you find new tools to make publishing podcasts faster and affordable, take advantage of all of them. At least give them a try and see what is out there.

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