Gary Vaynerchuk’s Impressions On Content Marketing

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The market is in a free fall, firms that made bad financial decisions are being bailed out and the world is awaiting to see what our economy is going to do next. Where does that leave us little content creators? Those of us that make video podcasts, audio podcasts, blogs and are trying to make a few bucks doing so are wondering, “how does this effect me?”

It makes our lives easier because traditional media is going to have to start thinking about marketing towards their demographic instead of blasting their advetisements to boat loads of uncaring consumers. Given 2% of TV viewers may actually buy into an ad campaign, that leaves 98% of the consumers unused. Return on Investment for a large commercial to gain impressions simply makes no sense.

Don’t believe me? Gary Vaynerchuck backs up this train of thought with his awesome energized campaign to show media how they must change.

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