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If you’re thinking about getting into Podcasting with video, you can do it for under USD $3,500 and make it look formidable against the competition (real budgeted video podcasters). Here is an example:

Everyday Drinkers: Chocolate Vodka Martini from Derrick Schommer on Vimeo.

Now this was done with a 3-point lighting kit from Lowel for around USD $980 and a Sony HVR-A1U purchased on ebay for USD $1800. For a mic we used a Shure SM11 lavalier mic attached to the Alesis Multimix 12 Firewire wired into a Mac Book Pro and recorded with Garageband.

The reason for the mixer and the Mac Book Pro rather than directly into the Sony HVR-A1U was because we were getting hissing sounds out of the camera even before recording. This hiss would go down on the tape and become a permanent fixture in the video (our first video, also on Vimeo reflects this, I used background music to distract from it)

You can certainly record directly into the sound module on the camera, we wired the MultiMix 12 to record into the camera and the laptop so we had a backup of the audio track and something to sync up the “good” audio on when trying to align the audio with the video in Final Cut Express 4.

If you’ve got a PC or Mac handy (preferably with little noise coming from the case), you can pickup a MultiMix 12 or equivalent (such as the 8 track one instead). We use the MultiMix 12 for recording other audio podcasts so it came in handy for this project.

The entire video was shot in under 10 minutes, with another 10 minutes assigned to set design. Setting up the camera with the right 3-point light configuration took a few hours, but it was worth it. Now, we leave the set configuration for future shows!

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