Video Podcasting, A New Venture

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Video Podcasting, A New Venture

We live in a time of user generated content and the wave of great content isn’t letting up anytime soon. Mainly, because people crave great content and humans are in love with learning and expanding (most of us anyway). Along the ride we’ve seen how great blogs have risen from nothing, such as the Fake Steve Jobs blog. We’ve seen real media start to get involved with their internet precense just as CBS picks up CNET in a purchase.

As Internet speeds, in the US anyway, speed up we’re seeing more people bringing their own user generated content in the form of video. Sites like Vimeo, GameVee and other YouTube like sites have developed to house some of our importent, albiet huge, data files. Other companies have gotten people to fund their adventures, much like Revision 3 has managed to do, they’re expanding their show list seemly each month.

The common computer user can pickup a camera with a built-in microphone for under USD $50.00 at any big retail outlet and start video casting in an hour. Creative content is king in our new found industry and each month it accelerates to new heights, levels and fans. Right now, a show may max out at 100,000 to 500,000 fans, a small amount compared to a broadcast TV show, but broadcast TV started small too.

The next few years are going to be amazing and I’m looking to get involved. My wife and I are working towards are first video casting adventure and, over the next few months, hope to have a fresh new video podcast for iphones, ipods and for online watching. Our goal is to test the waters, experiment and learn from our findings.

The world of video casting is still small and learning all the great techniques is still a challenge, so we’re planning to learn from our mistakes and get any informatoin from the great “user generated content” pouring onto the Net each day.

As we learn stuff I’m going to work to keep you informed. Wish us luck!

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