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Our last episode with google involved a hacker attacking one of our blogs and causing us to be de-indexed by google. Now, I’ve had a chance to see how it impacts performance, organic results and witness the power of google before my eyes.

After being de-indexed and asking to be re-submitted my wife and I have had a chance to watch the response time of google answering our plea and putting us into their search engine again. We were de-indexed on a Saturday and by Tuesday we were back in the google search results–very efficient
for such a large search engine company. Three days response time was beyond my expectations of efficiency, especially considering they say it could take up to thirty days!

What we witness next was latency from google which was very unexpected but not too surprising. The day was re-indexed by google traffic almost reached normal conditions (600+ hits a day, off by roughly 200). It seems our organic results were simply “filtered” out while de-indexed but left in the same search position the day of the re-index. However, three days later, we could have been considered de-indexed again considering the drop in organic search hits.


Three days after being re-indexed all our key pages, which were on the first page of results in google, dropped to page 70 and deeper! At this point, we saw organic search results drop as if we were not in google at all; it was another sad day. It seems google decided to drop our pages “rank” from the important search results, presumably because of the hacks in the pages. It took google three days to “catch up” and drop us down in the results probably as a result of being demoted from google days before.

In this graph from, you’ll see the yellow bars represent search traffic (referrals were mainly from, RSS readers and in-bound links). April 26th was the day after being told we’re losing our indexing and the 29th was the first day we realized our site was indexed again:

After our three days grace period (or “lag”), four more days went by with 50 to 75 organic search results, most of which were our “normal” traffic from MSN and Yahoo organic search, google wasn’t directing any users to our site! Then, yesterday, everything changed again; our first page google search results were back in force and once again google was sending traffic towards the site. I validated this by doing routine queries each day for keywords we initially ranked search result one to ten to validate we were not there. Oddly, sites that linked to us with those key words were still ranking at the top but our site was not.


My guess is google has a delay of roughly three to five days for any potential shake up to occur. Although the act of being deindexed was fairly quick, we were out of the results one day after being told it was occurring and arrived back in the results fairly quickly, the organic search results themselves take time. You do not receive a “welcome back” message when you’re re-indexed so it’s hard to measure the response time from the re-index, but it’s obvious that the impact waves through the organic results for about a week before maintaining some amount of stability.

If you find yourself de-indexed and have put in a request to be included again you can probably look forward to:

  • Short delay between re-indexing if your site is accepted again.
  • A short burst of google traffic upon re-indexing (you get happy)
  • A short burst of being thrown down in results due to the prior de-index (you get said again)
  • Back in action within two weeks of the initial de-indexing (yay!)

Although the site isn’t completely back 100% it was obvious when google mixed things up with their results in the matter of hours. A day of 50 search results with a next day of 600 is a drastic difference and will be detected by most metrics overnight.

This goes to show just how big google is in the organic search market, perhaps too big. A blog is at the mercy of google and must comply to all of google’s terms of service or find their site wiped from the map–Yahoo and MSN just don’t hold up against the results you’ll get from google.

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  1. 3 Days, I just made a similar request of Google. It will be interesting to see if they apply the same urgency to my site. In any case I like your site and I always find it a cool thing when one’s wife is involved with them on the Internet.



    Johnny, 11 years ago

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