Market Yourself Slowly To Google

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Market Yourself Slowly To Google

TurtleWhen working towards great back links, referrals from other sites and social bookmarking, it’s important to work slowly and build up to it. It it said that Google likes a young site to grow over time, sites that show up in the google index and have thousands of back links may be suspicious to a search engine for “black hat” techniques to grow your site.

Some people try to boost their site quickly by buying links to high page rank sites which they must maintain for months before google will recognize them as real. Nothing is more useless than buying a few links for a month while google hasn’t even noticed the link or considered it significant, why waste your money?

Most great sites on the web have grown naturally, even google itself started out small and grew over the years. Blogging isn’t an instant path to big money, it’s going to take time and patience. Work a schedule trying to achieve a few referrals a week for a few months and see what happens. If you’re building great content others will link to you without even requesting and you’ll get some low ranked links without problem.

As your site grows in size, content and rank it will appear more frequently (we hope!) in google and other search engines and new users will see it and link to it. You’ll probably find yourself in a few blog indexers and aggregators too, which is nice for a little linky linky.

When building back links on social websites and networks make sure you’re not wasting your time linking to sites that have the “nofollow” directive in their anchor tags to your site. A good example is reddit and both of which are nice for minor flash crowed traffic for a few days but neither will allow google to follow the links to your site. The “no follow” directive tells google to not follow the link to the other destination. A good way to tell, post your stuff where you’re trying to and view the source; if the source has a “no follow” link then don’t bother attempting to use that source for link back activities.

That’s not to say many of those sites aren’t worth a bit of flash crowd traffic to see if anyone finds your content interesting. Maybe you’ll get a few RSS subscribers out of your effort. It’s good not to hunt for general link backs, hunt for people that may find your content interesting no matter what avenue it is.

I’ve found blinklist offers a good bookmarking tool that links back to your site correctly and has one or two aggregator tools that people use to build ‘recent blinks’ and such, this gives you even more link backs. You can also try a site like Jaiku, which builds your “social presence” on the Net. With Jaiku you can setup RSS’s from your blog and it will post them into your presence which will be linked back to your site very quickly. Jaiku, recently acquired by Google, seems to have a high rank and usually appears before my own site in google when searching for my own article names!

Jaiku has been hard to get into for new users since the google acquisition so you may have to try for delicious to bookmark and create back links to your website(s). You can try on Facebook but if you only have one or two people on your friends list you probably won’t get too many clicks. Thus far I’ve found many of the social bookmarks have more value in link backs than actual clicks to your site. In a month my basic delicious bookmarks may net me 10 clicks to my site from random users, is that worth using daily for blogging when it requires you to manually click “bookmark” and enter some data about your article? Again, depends if anyone digs (pun intended) your delicious links.

Slow and steady wins the race, get your links but take your time. Aggression buys you flash crowds, maybe, but organic searching is free marketing, flash crowds only last a few days and you’ll be back to very few users again.

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