Google Analytics Too Slow? 103Bees!

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Google Analytics Too Slow? 103Bees!

103BeesAlthough I love to use Google Analytics for historical graphic and trying to drill down through my website content to see where users are coming from and what they’re doing when they are reading, it’s pretty slow to update. Their are other tools out there which you can apply to your webpage footer to get faster information about your daily traffic.

The one I’ve used for most of my sites is It focuses on natural search traffic and builds simple bar graphs to show you what you’ve got for traffic now and allows you to see your referrals against your organic searches. It will enumerate a list of all your recent search hits, the time they arrived and builds keyword lists and search engine page results so you can analyze your daily traffic and make preemptive strikes for content.

103bees is an indispensable tool for search engine optimization (SEO) and internet marketing – everything you need to know about your search engine traffic in one place!

The first appealing feature? It’s free. You can sign up for an account immediately, add the code to your site and start seeing users arriving via search. Then you can analyze what the landing pages, build a tag cloud of your keywords, see a total aggregate of all your configured sites together (I’ve got over four sites configured in mine).

I’m not a 103bees spokesperson but I’m impressed that the site stays up 24-hours a day and gives me real time statistics for no cost to me. I might as well return the favor and tell folks why it’s so damn awesome. Take a look at some of their screenshots if you’re afraid to sign up for a free account right now.

I use 103bees during the day and google analytics before night to run some in-depth analysis against my site(s). 103bee’s real-time data means I can see what people are arriving for with query keywords now and react immediately by providing content based around the keywords to rank a bit higher in them.

They do have a humorous breakdown of the most popular searches on the Internet right now along with the all-time most popular keywords–funny stuff.

I understand Google Analytics is free but when it comes to real-time statistics Google doesn’t cut it. Having a few free SEO tools in your hands will give you far more power to understand all the dimensions of your website without having to rely on guess work.

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  1. Sadly, but 103bees is out of business for some time now:

    Service was great and if you happened to use it and wondering why your sites are running slow, maybe you should start removing the 103bees JavaScript from your sourcecodes (and/or templates).

    All the best

    Dudu, 9 years ago

  2. Yeah, I removed it from all my sites except this one :) Going to do that now.

    Derrick Schommer, 9 years ago

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