Cross Linking To Yourself

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Cross Linking To Yourself

RecycleInternal linking to yourself is important for a number of reasons. First, you can reason it helps your readers find related topics quickly, much like wikipedia does, it references to itself whenever a big topic or keyword shows itself. Wiki isn’t out to get huge page rank, it comes naturally to wiki, but it helps users who are learning a topic ‘drill down’ into related topics without having to type in dozens of key phrases into the search box. This is especially true if you’re a slow typer or make many typing errors.

Internal linking does contain some great SEO benefits as well. Google weights a page highly on how it found your site, for instance if someone with a Page Rank of 6 linked to you some of that PR6 weight can trickle down to your page and/or site. However, I’ve seen many cases where I’ve had internal pages holding more page rank than my main site or other pages on my site. What’s going on?

Google obviously decided a specific page on my site is highly important for one reason or another. A good example is my podcasting page on, the podcast page is PR4 while the homepage is PR3. This is because my podcasting page was pushed by myself when I was trying to rank for “gaming podcast” in google, which I successfully got on page-1 results. I’m in every podcast directory I could find on the Net and on message forums about podcasts and podcasting. The result is my podcast page is better ranked than the entire site.

This can also happen if you write a really great article that ends up high on the organic search charts, even by accident, and gets linked from all over the Net. Most bloggers link to your article not your homepage and that may lead our article to having higher weight than your site itself. Now, consider what the impact would be if you cross referenced other related articles on your site in the content. Google will see it and flow some of the weight down to the related articles, hopefully giving them a bit more weight than they would have had without the internal link.

As a result you may get a bit more weight on less popular articles by linking highly popular articles to them on purpose but with a reason. Linking to an unrelated piece of content or site with unrelated relevance may not do what you want. What I tend to do is think about my content and see if I can put some forethought into what I may be able to link to in my own site before I even start writing.

Once you start to think about ways to exploit your own material you’ll grow in the habit of doing it with less thought. Remember: don’t link the hell out of the article so it glows with anchors tags!

Link smart, link often, but don’t be annoying to the reader.

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