You Don’t Have To Compete To Be Complete

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You Don’t Have To Compete To Be Complete

Finish LineIf you’re wondering why stupid blogs tend to get huge fast, it might be due to their parent company. There are many websites that masquerade as blogs but are really huge websites funding their popularity with TV shows and money. The word on the streets is “blogs are the new thing” and everyone has to have one, which is why you can find out information about Scrubs on their NBC blog.

They have figured out you can siphon users from one media to another, in this case TV to web pages. Why would a Scrubs TV viewer want to head over to What value would that have to them? Nothing really… but a “Scrubs Blog” might be more appealing and you already have some expectations of what you’d see there.

Do you think the characters on Scrubs are actually crying out to blog? Probably not, I’d bet half of them don’t even use the Internet! My guess would be that writers are their doing the job for them–yet here you are trying to create your own blog while the Scrubs blog sits with a Page Rank of 5 and their parent site ( is hugely ranked on You’re fighting a losing battle competing against some of these “blogs” considering these huge corporations are setting up blogs when they, themselves, don’t even know how to take advantage of them.

Most of these sites are just extensions of their shows in order to create a bit more buzz and keep people thinking about their shows while they’re away from the TV. Most of the advertisements around the NBC blogs are promotions for their other shows–targeting you directly.

If you’re planning to setup a blog, take it seriously, doing something original or something you really love (even a Scrubs fan site.) You don’t have to be a scientist to setup a fun blog or a popular TV show in order to inspire viewership. A TV show blog will live and die by its popularity, but a good user blog will outlast any TV fad. A buddy of mine setup a new site for all the random funny stuff he finds along the internet: He’s given a lot of random photos, websites, youtube videos and other crazy stuff during the day by friends and co-workers – why not publicize it to others?

In his example, he’s starting a blog to spread the funny stuff he finds on the Net…if he finds it funny, you might as well, right? Funny stuff can be extremely viral so he could end up getting some good traffic hits over the next few months and potentially make some ad revenue. The challenge he will have is to keep up his blog for the next few months with daily posts. You don’t have to post throughout the day, just keep content fresh. Even if you can only blog at night while watching a TV show, like Scrubs, you can be writing up a simple blog.

His challenge will be building content out of photos; he’s going to require some viral e-mail forwards friends-to-friends to build traction on the site or some social networking circles, it may take awhile to build organic searches for one or two lines of text per post. He can post more frequently, however, given he’s only posting photos and videos which he found and didn’t have to generate himself.

Each blog will have its challenges, it might be driving content for organic searches or driving users with viral humor. Remember, you probably don’t have thousands of viewers yet, so don’t expect to gain popularity as a TV star or radio personality making a new website. Start small, once you create your first success you can work to siphon users from one site to another site and migrate your traffic around to your secondary sites.

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