Your Fate? Affiliate!

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Your Fate? Affiliate!

AffiliateWorking really hard at providing users with great content but their not clicking on your ads with enough consistency? You may be looking for some alternative, perhaps a different style of blogging or a different ad agency but you should slow down a bit.

If you’re providing content there is a good chance you could pimp someone else’s products to your advantage. Unless you’re considering creating your own physical product you may want to consider selling someones product for some type of return. Affiliation is always a good outlet for a bit of extra money.

Don’t expect to become a millionaire selling someones product, even if they, themselves, are millionaires because you’re just one of many people trying to sell their products. However, if people do buy from you over someone else you do stand to make a bit of cash. Let us assume you have google adsense giving you a bit of money in your pocket, what does it hurt to have a few affiliate advertisements pushing a product?

Their not ad’s per se, they’re suggestions you provided to your readers because you like the products yourself. I guess you can never have used them or just try to push some random products but having used them gives you a bit of experience that you can talk to your viewers with telling them why they should buy them as well and more importantly, buy them from you.

People buy products all the time and if they’re on your site there is a good chance they found you because they’re looking for services or products that which align with their needs. If someone is coming to your site via organic search with a casino game product and you’re chatting about childcare safety devices then you managed to rank for keywords you didn’t intend to…that person probably isn’t interested in your content. As a matter of fact, they probably clicked the back button two seconds after loading.

Will people buy from you? Maybe, maybe not, but what’s the risk in trying? If it doesn’t work out after six months or so, try affiliating with a different product or resource, no harm no foul. If you managed to make a few bucks then it’s better yours than another content provider! If you manage to bring in enough income to consider it a great hobby or part-time job (or better) than you’ve done well, give yourself a pat on the back.

If you’re a content writer you might as well get used to writing content and providing users with what they want: products aligned to their needs. Affiliate Baby!

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