Target The Season: Organic Searching

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Target The Season: Organic Searching

GiftsLooking for a new article to write about but you’re out of great ideas. The holiday season is upon us and it’s time to think about gift giving and Christmas cheer. If you’re blogging about a specific product you’ll probably find this time of year is full of potential organic searches waiting to happen.

For instance, on I saw a few search hits coming in suggesting users were looking for seasonal beers and gift packs. This was an exciting point of realization for me because it meant I could use a few keywords like “holiday”, “gift”, and “christmas” in my posts about great holiday gift ideas.

Rather than simply blog about a beer type, a review or some history of a beer I decided to come up with a top-6 list of great beer gifts for the holidays. A day later google was presenting my blog in it’s results about gifts for the beer drinker, gifts for vodka drinkers, gifts for brandy drinkers and so on. At first I only blogged about gifts for beer drinkers but other recent blogs I had composed were about brandy, vodka and red wines.

Google isn’t smart enough to realize your front-page isn’t about gifts for red wine drinkers, it just knows you had a good time talking about gifts and had a lot of relevance to red wine. Upon seeing these search results it only made sense to write about Merlot being a great holiday gift or giving the gift of wine. Now, I’ll show up for those beer gifts and continue to show up for gifts about wines because I strengthened my grip on the keywords by actually targeting the ones I was getting traffic for anyway.

Is this a scam? Not at all. Every blog was well thought out and designed page of actual content searchers will find interesting. I’m not writing random words just to get hits because that just creates users that stay on your site for three seconds before clicking the magic back button. Like a good salesman I opted to give the user what they want, relevant content pertaining to what they’re searching for up-front.

I found a need for people searching for holiday gifts and did some research for them and blogged about it. Now, they don’t have to do the research themselves, they can work off the data I have already gathered. Their thanks to me? Perhaps they’ll find an ad on my site that’s pertains to their needs and click on it. Otherwise, oh well, it was a fun writeup non-the-less.

Life lesson, be dynamic and ready to write about topics people are looking for with creativity and an informed eye. Don’t try to scam the users, do their research for them and you’ll get a good hit of seasonal organic searches.

Just don’t expect them to continue querying google for these editorials in January. Perhaps they’ll find them again next holiday, be ready to start blogging about the next big season and ready yourself for another wave.

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