Do Research: What Ads Sell?

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Do Research: What Ads Sell?

ResearchIf you’re in the market to start a blog and make some cash on the side you’re going to find yourself using an ad revenue generator like adsense. Google’s done a great job with adsense, making advertisements appear on a website that are relative to the content you’re reading. Not too many people are going to click on a casino ad when they’re reading about child care tips, right?

Assuming you’re going to use adsense over a firm like AdBrite then you’re in the market to bring content that shows high paying ads. Don’t go it alone, do some research on topics you think you could write a ‘journal’ about on a daily basis before you start your potential money making campaign. Don’t be that guy who has a great idea that nobody actually wants. Think ahead, plan smart and do a bit of research.

Think like a company trying to sell ads to a website and invest in opportunities. A company wishing to make their presence known may choose google adwords to start bidding on keywords to bring up their content on websites and search results. Although many companies may opt to only advertise on google search results plenty of high paying bidders are on the Net trying to get the word out about their business. You are here to carry their words.

First, pretend to be like those companies and research keywords to see what the average prices is for them. You can use adwords traffic estimator [or non-user-based external tool] to achieve this goal, in our example we’ll use a few keywords to get some relative idea about a market we can write about: kids. In our example we’ll use the keywords: “baby cloths”, “daycare”, “infant”, “safety” and “toys”.

Search Popularity

We can see the terms have some good search volume to them and adwords online help says:

“Higher search volume keywords or keywords with higher advertiser competition don’t necessarily provide more qualified leads. They can also result in higher costs with a lower return on your investment.”

That means the marketing folks are going to need to spend more because their is a high competition for the words to be displayed on websites around the Internet. Although google won’t tell you the percentage of revenue you’ll make from the ad, it’s safe to assume if they get more you’ll get more. So, focusing on these keywords, along with those that complement them may be a good idea.

Search Estimates

Now, an advertiser is going to want to know what their about to spend, on average, and the next column breaks this down. The total cost doesn’t always correlate to the total volume of searches but it will probably be close.

What you can look for here is a set of keywords with a sweet price. The “toys” keyword has a great volume and a pretty nice click price of 79 cents to $1.15 on average. The higher price they pay, the better price you’re going to make. A good rule of thumb, if what you want to write about has really low average CPC you’ll have to work very hard to make money on the site or provide thousands of users to your site to make money on sheer volume of low priced clicks.

Search Clicks

The last fields define the estimated clicks per day and how much it will cost them to advertise with the keywords. Please note the keywords “baby cloths” don’t receive too many clicks on a daily basis and have a lower price while “toys” receive around 20,000 clicks a day.

Of course, you probably want to write about more than just “toys,” so you can try to find some other keywords with nice average pricing to broaden your scope. The moral of the story, do some research before you start writing because once you’ve got yourself invested in days and weeks of writing you want it to pay off in the end… that’s the goal, right?

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