Ad Positions: Respecting Your Reader

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Ad Positions: Respecting Your Reader

Respect Your ReaderIt is very tempting to tile your website with adsense ads and sneak them into every nook and cranny of your website. Designing a nice website that offers great quality content should put its emphasis on the quality not the advertising.

You’ve probably seen sites on the web that try to trick you to click on ad’s by making a blog post that is one big ad with absolutely no text of usefulness on it. Normally, these seem to be track-back attacks, sites that link to your blog hoping you’ll put the track-back in the comments of your blog so they get clickers who accidentally click on their ads. These are obviously breaking the terms of service google set up, but it’s also possible to make an equally ugly legit website.

I’m a firm believer in making a bit less money through click-thru ads by making a site that’s about content as it’s primary objective and about advertising as its second objective. I don’t think a site needs to be overloaded with crazy animated advertising on all sides of the site with huge banners outlining the content.

Having a site that focuses on content will keep users entertained for longer but may stop a mass from clicking on your ads because they’re less obtrusive. In the end, if you have rich content that’s useful you’ll have more returning guests to your website and returning guests offer a constant source of page views. Page views becomes a secondary weapon when you start getting advertisers coming directly to you to pay you for advertising space on your site because it has a growing community… not just a few flash crowds of traffic.

Perhaps I’m alone in thinking quality content is more important than an extra few clicks per day. It works for me and at the end of the day I feel good about what I wrote and any money I made supporting the writing. Respect your reader, keep the ads out of their face and let them focus on your skills and creativity.

Let us call it Ad Etiquette .

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