Write Content That Interests People

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Write Content That Interests People

Google AlertsSo, you want to make money on the Internet? You realize people won’t read your information if the information doesn’t contain anything worth reading, right?

You don’t have to be a super genius in any specific realm of information to write about it. There are tons of references on the Internet you can use, many of them are actually accurate. Your job is to find those that are accurate and/or explain why others may not be.

You like to write about beer but don’t know much about it? Learn. The Internet is full of information and many sources like wikipedia can be harvested for information, relevant keywords and cross-referenced links for even more information! Google Search or any search engine (or all of them) can harvest even more information and before you know it you’ll be up to your eyeballs in information to write about.

I’m lazy, so I use Google Alerts to farm information for me in an automated manner. If you want to write about Wheat Beer but you just don’t know where to start, build a google alert for wheat beer and let the information come to you via e-mail once a day or as it happens. This is a great way to get started because google is going to send you a host of links that you can scan for information worth writing about.

Perhaps you found a great New York Times article about wheat beer or a random persons blog speaking on the topic. You can now formulate a reason to write your own blog on the subject, perhaps to ‘report’ what you found on NY Times or to retort something you found in another writers blog (giving them credit and sourcing their material of course).

When writing about another persons blog you may opt to e-mail them (most bloggers have some method to contact them) and let them know you wrote your own perspective. This may invoke new conversations, bring up new things to write about and inspire them to link back to your site to give users a chance to read other people’s perspectives (yours!)

Please, please, please, write your own spin on content you find. Block quoting all the content in someone’s blog is a boring read, if I wanted to read their full content I’ll click over on your “source” link. If I’m visiting your site it’s probably to read your own thoughts and creative ideas. You may find something great on an official news site, web blog or review but it’s really only yours when you’ve put it into your own words. This requires effort, so prepare yourself.

Write content that’s interesting to read and makes people think. You’ll get more feedback, comments and general response if you write something from your heart and not like a machine trying to garner great keyword ranks from google. Google recognizes good writing because it’s content to eat and google likes to eat content for dinner… but people like to read articles. Being #1 rank in google isn’t very useful if people click away immediately because they find out you’re a fraud.

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