Make Yourself Important or Fake It

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Make Yourself Important or Fake It

ImportantIt is amazing to see just how many press agencies and PR firms want to talk with you, the simple blogger. If you show interest in a topic and love to write about it, you’re the person they’re looking to find. How do you get PR firms to pay attention to what you have to say? Post company press releases in the industry you’re interested in with your own commentary or impressions about the press release news.

When posting a press release, make sure you link back to all the sources (url’s) found in the press release. If a visitor arrives at your site from the press release, there is a chance they’ll click on one of those links and jump to the companies website. A company that cares about it’s customers and demographic will be looking to see where inbound links arrived from and they’ll see your site in their referrer log.

Within days you may be receiving e-mails (if you post your e-mail address or other method to contact you on your site) from PR agencies requesting to put you on their press release mailing list. Now, you’ve got news being pushed to you rather than you looking for news to post on your blog. You’ll find life becomes very easy when you get yourself on mailing lists about the industry you’re reporting on and before long you’ll feel like a journalist yourself and not just a hobbyist blogger.

Most importantly, PR Agencies also have products that they hand out to people to review, write-up or experience. That means, if you show them you care they may ask you for your address and ship you products to play with. Don’t go expecting an iPod from Apple or something crazy, but I’ve been given Nintendo DS Games to review, Xbox Live keys for arcade games, PC games and been offered a bottle of Tequila to review on The products I’ve received “free” have all been because I write about games in the industry with emotion and excitement and people want me to be excited about their products as well.

I’m not a journalist nor am I a TV personality or “go to guy” for specific sets of information, I’m a person that puts information on the Internet about a topic and PR Agencies understand how to get the word out about their products. It may be a blogger or a journalist, but to the PR Agency it’s keywords, audience and eyeballs.

So, if you don’t consider yourself a professional writer, fake it. Nobody says you need to be a pro to have opinions that matter to the average reader. As a matter of fact, the more average you are the more average your demographic will become and the average person is what many products market against. Be average and be proud of it.

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