Living And Dying By Organic Search

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Living And Dying By Organic Search

FrustrationYou’ve built a website, google knows about you, but you are getting very little search traffic? If you’re site has been set up in the last three month’s you’re not alone, things will get better if you keep at it.

If you write one blog a day about a given topic you’ll give google an idea about what you like to write about and soon it will send readers to your site when they search about topics you like to write about. Sometimes you’ll get users that are irrelevant to your site, based on some keywords that google couldn’t find a better result for – that’s okay, just consider them as “impressions” for your ads, maybe you’ll get lucky.

If the topic you choose to consistently write about isn’t ‘highly competitive’ (not too many millions of people writing about your topics) you’ll start to arrive on the first, second or third page of the google results. If it’s a highly competitive topic you may arrive far down in the results. If you’re not on page one or two you’ll see very few hits a day. I track my sites with both Google Analytics and 103bees to try to capture where my traffic is coming from in terms of organic searching.

For my newer site about drinking,, 79% of my organic searches arrives from my first-page results in google. Granted, the site is young and isn’t getting massive traffic but it’s easy to tell where I’ve been successful: page one. This isn’t a revolutionary idea, all SEO manuals will say you must be on page one to bring traffic to your site; the trick is getting on the first page of results.

If you can find an idea that can land you on the first page of google, you’ll also want people to search for it. If it was easy to hit page one it was probably because nobody else has done it…because nobody cares. Once you pickup a few page-one hits with consistent traffic, you can start getting an idea what your viewers likes to search for and react to it by writing about that type of content more often!

Some websites choose to try and hit social networks hard, posting all their articles on to drive traffic to your site. That may lead you down a rats nest of issues. Sure, you’ll get traffic if you can get on the homepage of a social network, but can your hosting provider handle the flood of users all hitting your one popular article? You won’t get ad revenue from clicks if your site is down due to traffic slamming your web server too hard.

A casual blogger may try to ramp up slowly (crawl before you run) using organic search hits to slowly build site impressions and page hits.

If you’re running a news related site, reviews of movies, games, cars, boats or whatever, you must remember one thing: your content is only as good as the product you are reviewing. For a new site, you’ll find yourself living and dying by organic search results. You may find you’ve received 200% more impressions on some new product you reviewed than you had yesterday because that’s what users are searching for today. Tomorrow, or the next day… the hype may die down and you’re back down 200% in traffic.

Don’t become frustrated when users arrive for a week in droves and then disappear to never return. Continue to write about products and hope that you’ll get a few more “big hit” product keywords that draw traffic. You may lose 99% of those visitors after a product loses its hype, but a few may stick around and re-visit again if your writing was good or their products align greatly with the reviews you write. Over time, this will build you an audience of loyal readers. If your writing is good.
If there is one bit of advice I can suggest to you, build your audience at a normal pace, slow and steady wins the race. Don’t become frustrated when you’ve got 30 visitors a day and no click-thru on any ads you’ve placed. Click rate is going to be based mostly on impressions, if you have a chance at 2% click-thru rate but only have 30 visitors the chances are good you’ll get very few (or no) clicks until you get up your page views. Keep writing content to build your relevance in search engines and broaden your chances a few articles will be front-page results for Google or another search engine. The more content you have, that’s good, the better chance you’ll receive organic traffic hits.

You’ll probably spend six months trying to establish your blog in the blog-o-sphere. If, after six months, you still receive less than 30 hits a day you may either want to pick a new topic or work harder to publish more content to chew on. If you pick a new topic, you’ve got to reset your internal clock another three to six months to see if your new idea is something grand.

Or, plan ahead, use some basic tools to find a market worth writing about which has a growing audience. It will always be easier to write about something you care about, don’t choose a topic that’s got a large demand that you’ve got no interest in writing about. Who wants to be a part time blogger if it feels more like a job and not a lifestyle?

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