Adsense: Patience is Key

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Adsense: Patience is Key

AdSenseIf you’ve created a blog and you’ve quickly hooked up Google Adsense as you’re probably asking yourself “when are they going to cut me a check!?” First, you must manage to build up a bank roll of USD $100.00 before you get too excited.

How long can that take? Let’s be realistic, you’ve got a blog and you start writing but you have no fans of your website… as a matter of fact, nobody even knows your website exists. This is going to be your first challenge.

Don’t think about making money right away, think about marketing your site. Name a single startup company that jumped into the market and was instantly making piles of cash. Can you think of any? Probably very few, if any because making money does indeed require you to put in a bit of effort.

Pinning up a blog with a few cool articles isn’t going to rake in mad cash for the average person. Those that claim they make over $100.00 a month on ad revenue probably forget to mention they work at it on a daily basis. Over the coming months I hope to explain a few techniques to making a bit of money off ad revenue by bringing content to users that is relatively interesting.

You can try to cheat the system, you can try to brute for a search-engine-optimization solution but, in the end, effort, creativity and inspiration will pay you more than any shortcuts you’ll find on the internet.

Like any good company, you should start slow and build up a theme of content and work towards providing users with information they can you. I, like many people on the Net, plan to explain to users my experience with growing web presence and how to get some exposure. Am I a success story? I’m not sitting at home on piles of money if that’s what you think, but I can tell you a few ways to start making some supplemental cash with a little bit of effort.

If you’re starting up a blog, don’t think about money and monotizing your blog unless you’re planning on living it as a lifestyle. My method is to live it as a hobby with a dream to live it as a lifestyle. Not every idea is going to make you tons of money in ad revenue and attention so think small and hope big.

With Adsense, you can plan to make little to no money for a few months as you start building your web presence and gaining impressions on your site (aka “web hits”). Once you start getting 30 or more hits a day you can start looking to make some adsense revenue (if you’re articles are written well and provide good keyword content for adsense). When I say “making money” I’m measuring in pennies, not dollars.

There is no get rich scheme, start with pennies and work to dollars over time. It may take three to six months for you to see a USD $1.00 a day adsense revenue.

Later, we’ll talk about finding something interesting to write about that also may provide good adsense revenue. A little research will be required, stay tuned.

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