Welcome, How To Introduce Myself…

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Welcome, How To Introduce Myself…

Question!I guess the best way to describe me is as a blogger. Sure, I have a day job, a few side jobs, but… for fun, I like to write blogs. I cannot remember my exact outlet for fun before blogging. Perhaps I just watched TV like He-Man, Captain-N The Game Master or other cartoons but that was a long time ago.

Today, what I can tell you is that I work as a Corporate Systems Engineer for F5 Networks, assist in running an online video game store called TechDiversions with my wife Jennifer and manage a few blogs and public relations for such blogs. I try to help out with Casual Gamer Chick with my wife, the casual gamer chick herself and post-produce the TD Gaming Podcast.

I also run and maintain a Drinking Blog and drinking podcast at everydaydrinkers.com. When I’m not doing that I also help out a friend running 2old2play.com for gamers over the age of 25 as their Editor in Chief as well as GameStooge.com. As a gamer, I go by the name codemonkey or codemonkey420 when the original tag isn’t available.

In my spare time I do contract PHP development for MediaCrumb, LLC. for Drupal, WordPress and other website content management systems and try to maintain a development blog there when at all possible. Before moving into pre-sales I was strictly a developer working on storage solutions at Acopia Networks before it was bought by F5. Before that, I worked for Cisco which also bought my prior company, Arrowpoint.

That’s about the last eight years of my life! Since I’m a heavy blogger I tend to show up a lot on google for random articles, on digg.com, I’ve been flamed many times on slashdot.org for articles I’ve written (that’s what you’re supposed to do on /. right?)

My blog, in the future, will cover experiences I’ve learned as a developer, in sales, as a blogger and other random stuff I’ve found on the net. Sorta like a chronicle of my life to help me keep track of what’s going on around me; this is the point of a blog anyway right?

Anyway, if you find it a worthwhile read, have at it! Or, you can alternatively (or simultaneously) watch the rest of my blogs as well :-)

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  1. Others like myself call him, “O Master”. :p

    Jonah Falcon, 12 years ago

  2. hey :-)
    its very unconventional point of view.
    Nice post.
    realy gj

    thx :-)

    JoyncFlency, 12 years ago

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